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Marque : Blue

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Destination(s) : Accessoires - Sonorisation - Studio

Application(s) : Ampli de basse - Ampli de guitare - Chant - Voix - Clarinette et haubois - Cuivres - Enregistrement d'ambiance - Guitare - Orgue - Saxophone - Son Vintage - Trompette - Violon - Violoncelle

Directivité : En 8

Type : Condensateur
En savoir plus :
  • Blue Microphones
  • The Bottle Caps are our innovative system of eight interchangeable capsules, each offering the recordist a different tonal characteristic and pickup pattern. From airy highs to larger-than-life lows, the Bottle Caps capture anything from vocal to bass, wind instruments to horns — and everything in between with a level of detail and clarity found in only the most expensive and rare vintage classics. Below is a summary of each capsule with suggested recording applications.

    B2: Figure of Eight Large Diaphragm: The vintage capsule
    • Big, warm sound of vintage ribbon mic
    • Suggested Applications: Emulation of vintage saxophone, brass, guitar, or vocal sounds, jazz ensembles and horn sections, muted trumpet, flugelhorn and other low brass instruments, clarinet, overly bright or “edgy” instruments, room miking, acoustic bass, cello and other bowed string instruments, electric bass, clean or distorted electric guitar, pedal steel and slide guitar, whistling, organ.