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BeyerDynamic History

  • The Company was founded in Berlin. Development and manufacture of loudspeakers for the cinema.
  • World's first dynamic headphones, the DT 48 which are still in production today!
  • First dynamic microphone for studio use: M 19. It made history as the standard microphone of the "Reichsrundfunkgesellschaft" (Germany's national broadcasting station) for outdoor applications.
  • A revolutionary development for record shops: the DT 49 "stick" headphone gave rise to the famous disc bars.
  • The "transistophone", the first wireless microphone goes into production.
  • The newly developed M 88 directional microphone is selected as the only microphone for Queen Elizabeth's first official visit to Australia.
  • First Beatles tour of Germany and instant success for the E 1000 microphone exclusively used on this tour.
  • With the introduction of the M 500 ribbon microphone the company proves that ribbon microphones are rugged enough for stage applications.
  • Development and production of the DT 204 quadrophonic headphones.
  • Introduction of the ET 1000, the first electrostatic headphones developed and manufactured in Germany.
  • A sensational new development, the DT 880 dynamic headphones breaks with traditions. For the first time it is possible to produce dynamic headphones with electrostatic performance.
  • The new DT 770 and DT 990 headphones which feature a so-called "diffuse-field equalized" frequency response are suited not only for audiophiles but serve also as a control instrument.
  • With the MC 740 studio condenser microphone featuring switch selectable directional patterns, beyerdynamic now joins the manufacturers of the very best products in this field.
  • An 18-channel wireless set is used in the production of the hit musical "Cats" in Amsterdam.
  • The world's first Hi-Fi headphone, the DT 48 celebrates 50 years in production.
  • The exclusive headset used at the Olympic Games in Seoul/Korea is the beyerdynamic DT 108/DT 109.
  • The new musician's microphones -the extremely robust and high-volume TG-X series - are introduced into the market.
  • The introduction of the MC 742 stereo studio condenser microphone illustrates the continued high quality and innovative beyerdynamic products.
  • At the International Music Fair in Frankfurt, the U 600 is presented, beyerdynamic's first PLL synthesised UHF wireless system. Designed to meet the demands of professional broadcasters the DT 200 series of headsets is introduced.
  • The DT 531 Hi-Fi headphone is awarded the Diapason d'Or in France.
  • The MCD 100, the world's first digital studio microphone is presented at the 100th AES convention in Copenhagen.
  • The RSS 433 wireless headphone is launched, using RF technology music can now be enjoyed on headphones indoors or outside.
  • The world's smallest studio microphone, the MCE 7 is launched to complement our range of clip-on microphones.
  • The "Internationale Funkausstellung" (Radio & Television Exhibition) in Berlin saw the launch of the S 200 and S 300 VHF wireless systems using PLL synthesised technology.
  • In Germany, the musical "The Beauty and the Beast" was equipped with a 32-channel U 600 UHF-system.
  • Beyerdynamic introduces the MCS and MCW digitally controlled conference systems. The MCW is the world's first system with a wireless control unit.
  • The SMS 600 Stereo-In-Ear-Monitoring-System is another technical innovation for complete freedom of movement for musicians or broadcast presenters.
  • The condenser microphone range is extended with the MCE 90 series. The development of the MCD 100 digital microphone is continued with the introduction of the MCD 801/803/805.
  • Germany's new parliament in Berlin, the Bundestag, is equipped with beyerdynamic's digital microphones.
  • The new Opus range is a cohesive family of products optimised for music performance. Classic technology and new materials combined to create a complementary range of microphones, headphones and accessories for the musician on stage or in the studio.
  • Guided tours or simultaneous translations are made easy with the new TTS 30 communication system.
  • Beyerdynamic launches the MCW Digital, a wireless and digital conference system. This system features numerous intelligent details and is safe against unauthorised listening due to digital encryption.
  • Beyerdynamic presents the new generation of gooseneck microphones. The modern design of the SHM 200 and SHM 800 series blends into the architectural environment perfectly.
  • The new MC 930 is a cardioid true condenser microphone for stage and studio at an excellent price/performance ratio.
  • At this year´s FIFA World Cup in Korea and Japan the matches are reported with the new beyerdynamic DT 297 headset.
  • New Opus wireless microphone series with “Automatic Channel Targeting“ function.
  • By using the steno-s Conference and Recording Software, you can record all meetings and discussions on your PC and file the minutes later on a CD or in a network.
  • Beyerdynamic introduces three revolutionary new products. The new Opus 900 wireless system, Headzone – the first mobile headphone system to allow professional monitoring with virtual 5.1 playback, and Revoluto, a new conference microphone unit without a gooseneck microphone.
  • Foundation of the Business Unit Aviation

     Some products:




DT231PRO  Lightweight headphone, closed Features Lightweight, closed headphone...




MCE72CAM  Stereo electret condenser microphone with special video-accessories,...




MC950  Small diaphragm true condenser microphone (supercardioid) ...

OPUS 54-18



OPUS 54-18
OPUS 54-18  Condenser microphone (cardioid) for keyboarders, drummers, dancers...

EM 981 S



EM 981 S
EM 981 S  Interchangeable capsule (back electret, cardioid), silver, for Opus...




DT250  Compact, closed headphone for studio playbacks and intercom...