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Marque : Sabra-Som

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Destination(s) : Accessoires

Application(s) : Bonnette
Replaceable double faced 5” pop filter with an artiqulated arm and a universal aluminum tube clamp connection, adjustable to any mic stand up to 1” diameter.

Popping sounds occur particularly in the pronunciation of aspirated plosives (such as the first 'P’ in the English word "popping"). Hissing sounds or sibilance frequently result from the pronunciation of fricatives such as the 'sh' in the English word "seashells". Pop filters are designed to attenuate the energy of plosives, which otherwise might exceed the design input capacity of the microphone, leading to clipping.

The SABRA'S 5” Screens are made of special ortophonic fabric, creating hard phonetic noise attenuation, maintaining the frequency curve of the original sound.

All SABRA-SOM products, are inter-attachable, allowing enormous variety of configurations, according to your set-up needs.