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Marque : Sabra-Som

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Destination(s) : Accessoires

Application(s) : Support
Universal double support with 3/8” and 5/8” threads

Could be called Multifunction T-Bar as it is a MODULAR and totally adjustable product.


  • Variable distance and angle between mics (towers’ movement).
  • 2 Thread adapters: 3/8” (European standard) and/or 5/8” 27 threads/inch (universal standard) each, fixed on two sliding towers, respectively.
  • Relative angles between the towers are totally variable.
  • Central elbow with horizontal movement for the adjustment of gravity center.
  • Central elbow with 360° of movement and an efficient locking system.
  • Can be connected to the top of a boom stand with any relative angle. In particular horizontal and vertical configuration (XY format) and, vertical configuration (BLUMLEIN format)

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